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Root Canal Therapy

A tooth-saving remedy

If the inner part of the tooth, the pulp, becomes inflamed or infected, root canal therapy can remove the affected area and help save a tooth from possible extraction.

Infection of this nerve-filled central part of the tooth can be caused by bacteria entering the usually tough exterior due to deep decay, a crack or because of severe tooth wear.

What is the treatment process?

Step One
Initially, we numb the area and use a rubber sheet (or dam) to keep the tooth free from saliva and protect your airway.

Step Two
We access the inside of the tooth and carefully remove the infected pulp. We also shape the canals with tiny instruments and flush them clean with an antibacterial solution.

Step Three
We fill the canals with a rubber compound and sealant to ensure the canal voids are fully obturated to prevent re-infection.

Step Four
When the tooth has settled, a permanent filling or crown is placed to keep it safe from further contamination and restore its functionality.

What are the plus points?

What else do I need to know?

Although root canal therapy is often referred to in a comical way to describe something incredibly painful, it is usually no more uncomfortable than having a conventional filling, as the tooth is fully anaesthetised.

Root canal treatment can be carried out in a single appointment or you may have to visit us more than once. In between appointments, a temporary filling will be placed to cover the tooth and help prevent re-infection.

Despite the ‘living’ part of the tooth being removed during the process, it remains functional as the surrounding tissues keep it nourished. However, a tooth that has been root filled will become brittle and more prone to fracture, and often require a crown.

A root canal treated tooth should offer a long-lasting solution, as long as you are sure to maintain an effective oral hygiene and are low risk for tooth decay. Regular check-ups are also vital, so any problems can be swiftly spotted and dealt with.

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