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Amalgam Fillings

A tried and tested material

Amalgam fillings are a durable way to repair teeth affected by decay or damage and have been used for years to successfully restore tooth structure and functionality. They are particularly effective in the back teeth, which are exposed to heavier chewing forces.

What is the treatment process?

Step One
We remove any decay under a local anaesthetic.

Step Two
We press the mixed amalgam into the cavity.

Step Three
We shape the amalgam to recreate the structure of the natural tooth.

What are the plus points?

What else do I need to know?

Amalgam fillings are often the treatment of choice for back teeth and are available on the NHS. Tooth coloured (or white) fillings are less noticeable but considered to be cosmetic so they do not usually qualify for NHS funding.

Although dental amalgam contains mercury, it is rendered harmless when mixed with the other metals and no definitive link between amalgam and any health issues has been discovered. It is approved by the Department of Health for dental treatment.

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