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Check Ups

Nurturing your dental health

As part of our preventive approach to your dental care, we recommend regular check-ups so we can spot any dental health issues before they worsen. This helps maintain your oral health and avoids the need for more costly, involved treatment.

What happens during your check-up?

If you are a new patient, your first appointment will be little longer, as we will need to spend time finding out about your dental and general health, which may include taking x-rays. At your check-up visit we will do the following:

If we discover you have any problems, we will talk through your options and formulate a tailored treatment plan. At Station House Dental Practice, you can take advantage of a whole range of preventive advice and treatments to preserve and restore the functionality and appearance of your mouth and teeth.

Patient Testimonials

Always excellent service and the staff are nice and friendly.

My last visit was to see the hygienist and she was lovely.


What can I say, going here makes a trip to the dentist a rather pleasant experience!